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Welcome everyone to Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness, operating in the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.
Ngaran Ngaran is an established cultural awakenings initiative to enlighten all Australians and international visitors to our Yuin country.


Ngaran Ngaran means lyrebird to the southern Yuin people, he is the speaker of many languages and will call on ceremony to enlighten all to be aware of mother earth and share knowledge of the oldest living culture.


Ngaran Ngaran offers cultural immersion tours in the Gulaga National Park, as well as tailored cultural awareness programs and training.

It was an absolute pleasure and honour to meet Dwayne and his family, and hear their stories/experiences. The trip up to Gulaga was extremely rewarding on several different levels as I learnt a lot of personal lessons in addition to information about Indigenous culture.
ANU Medical School Student
I think that one man is doing more for cultural awareness than innumerable day-long courses with powerpoint slides and youtube clips could ever do. The whole point of cultural awareness is about being aware of the culture. That means sharing the culture, the stories, the things that people hold important, and making people understand why they're important.
ANU Medical School Student
Thanks again for being so open and showing us your culture. Your methods were surprisingly effective and encouraging. I hope to see you and your team again; and hope the school can organise a way for you and your team to pass on a fraction of what I learnt to the rest of my classmates.
ANU Medical School Student
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