Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness

Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness was established in 2011, NNCA is a First Nations owned and operated cultural service provider on the far south coast of NSW on Yuin country. NNCA facilitate cultural awakenings in the Tourism, Corporate, Event and Education sectors with a range of services to help ensure that traditional koori cultural ways of knowing get delivered in South Eastern Australia.

Some of NNCA achievements are partnering with the National Rugby League to deliver the holistic male healing concept Bring Back the Warrior, Indigenous Tourism Champion, cultural service provider for Reconciliation Australia and Australian National University Medical School along with the showcase short film at the Garrigarrang Sea Country Exhibition for the Australian Museum, 2015 South Coast Regional Gold Award winner for best Indigenous Tourism product. NNCA also have International recognition in France providing traditional healing and cultural performances and have been lead cultural facilitators in 2016-17 Australia Day events in Sydney.

With tailored and suitable options for all weather it is a cultural immersion tour, cultural and community training or educational cultural workshops NNCA can have a culturally responsive option for you.

Dwayne Bannon-Harrison is the founder and managing director of NNCA, he is also known by his traditional name 'Naja' given to him by his grandfather and Yuin elder Uncle Max 'Dulumunmun' Harrison.

Carrying on the knowledge and cultural teachings over 17 years from his elders he established NNCA to set a foundation for himself, family and community to continue the legacies passed down to share traditional culture in Yuin country.

With the honor and privilege of leading NNCA Dwayne is striving to not only pass on the knowledge and skills to deliver cultural knowledge and self-determination with his own family, but also to assist and mentor other Aboriginal people to also get involved with cultural awareness in their communities. Dwayne is also a working party member of the NSW Aboriginal Tourism Operators Council, along with this has extensive and award winning achievements and National recognition in the First Nations male wellbeing space.

Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness
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